Paranormal ANDROID GO Launcher 1.0


The ultimate paranormal theme - Paranormal Android Theme for GO Launcher EX!

Paranormal ANDROID theme for GO Launcher EX is brand premium theme from the Android Utopia development group, the first of its kind combining Android style with hauntingly beautiful night vision green, pale spirit blue, and ghastly grey colors.

This theme offers multiple customization options and includes specially designed dock bars, Mel Meter / EMF Detector-like app drawer, custom high definition app drawer backgrounds, and custom Paranormal DROID HD wallpapers.


+ Over 120 custom designed icons. All other icons are themed by one of five custom paranormal themed DROID icons.

+ Includes 6 Paranormal Android wallpapers, with actual paranormal locations. E-mail your requests for more!

+ Includes 6 Android glass dock bars in a variety of shades and colors for user customization.

+ EMF Detector / Mel Meter style app drawer, revealing hidden lights when tabs are pressed.

+ Includes 6 separate custom Paranormal Android drawer backgrounds

+ Thank you for your support, over 8 PERFECT 5-star ratings!


This theme will not open on its own, you must install the free home screen app "GO Launcher EX" and apply it.

To apply theme:
Menu > Themes > Paranormal Android > Apply

To change Wallpaper:
Menu > Wallpaper > GO Wallpaper

To change Dock Bar:
Press Menu > Pref > Theme settings > Dock background > GO Theme BG

To change App Drawer:
Press Menu > Pref > Theme settings > App Drawer background > GO Theme BG

To set Circle/Sphere/Cylinder icon effects (horizontal):
Press Menu > Pref > App Drawer settings > Scrolling orientation > Horizontal loop
then press Menu > Pref > Effects settings > Icon effect > Chariot/Cylinder/Sphere

To set Waterfall 4D icon effects (vertical):
Press Menu > Pref > App Drawer settings > Scrolling orientation > Vertical continuous
then press Menu > Pref > Effects settings > Icon effect > Waterfall

To change any desktop/dock bar icon individually:
Long press > Choose icon > Theme's icon

If the theme is not downloading/installing, try rebooting your phone and re-downloading. For more support, please refer to the Android Market Known Issues page:


Please support by rating 5 stars or leave a comment, thank you, enjoy!

Collect the complete suite of Android Utopia themes, you are able to mix and match icons, wallpaper, docks, and app drawer backgrounds between themes:

To change dock icon style:
Press Menu > Themes settings > Desk Icon Style > Any other theme

To change desktop icon style:
Press Menu > Themes settings > Dock Icon Style > Any other theme

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Haunted Wallpaper features:
+ Eastern State Penitentiary
+ Email requests for more!

Clock in screen shot is called "Digital Clock Widget".

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Last Updated:2011-09-18 23:20:15
File size:6.89MB
OS:Android 2.0 and up